The Strange Linguistic World of Lolcats

So you have no idea what an lolcat is? Well, fortunately for all of us, there’s a Wikipedia article about it. Also, Time magazine did a short write-up of the lolcat movement.

So what’s up with lolcats? Why should anyone care about them? Lolcats (also seen as lol cats) is a term used to describe pictures of cats with funny and grammatically-poor captions written across the picture. The lolcats movement has spawned loldogs, and lolrus (for some reason, walrus pictures) as well as any other animal or cute photo you can think of that would be improved by silly captions. Here’s an example, a reference to the famous monologue by Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood:

i drink ur milkshake

So why should anyone care? I thought the same thing until I began looking into the movement. Lolcats and lolspeak is truly a user-generated language created by people who, to the best of my knowledge, have never met each other. Currently my love of strange social movements and language has created a great interest in lolcats.

I’m currently compiling research on lolcats for a potential article or book. If you have any personal connection to lolspeak or lolcats and want to share your experiences, I’d appreciate your input. Please feel free to email me here.


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