I Tried It: At-Home Hair Treatment for Buildup

Beauty products are all about marketing, and it’s clear that marketers aren’t scientists. Plenty of products claim to bring your hair “back to life,” forgetting the fact that hair is dead. Marketers can peddle their zombie-hair claims all they want, but what’s a girl like me to do when faced with limp, drab locks? What about the girl who’s not yet ready to put her faith in a $20 bottle of marketer’s claims of beautiful hair?

I love my fancy new job, but it’s left my hair with awful product buildup. The messy ponytail just won’t work with my jackets and pantyhose anymore, so I have to wake up early and blow dry my hair to perfection. That’s left me with limp hair that gets dirty easily and feels crunchy, even after washing.

Of course, plenty of people suggest the ol’ baking soda treatment for hair buildup. In one way or another, rub a bunch of baking soda in your hair and your buildup will magically wash down the drain. While this may be true, I didn’t get such good results the last time I tried. In fact, I was left with a head full of poodle-like fuzz that was dull and tangled easily. Not good.

I devised this two step treatment to help with my problem hair. Here’s the process:

Step One: Baking Soda

In the palm of your hand, mix about half baking soda with half shampoo. Most shampoos will do. Mix them together. It will be thick like a gel, but should still spread. Wash hair as usual, gently spreading the mixture through hair. Rinse thoroughly.

Step Two: Lemon Wash

Next, make a weak lemon wash. This restores the acidity of your hair and scalp. If you look at your bottle of shampoo, there’s a good chance it contains citric acid. This makes the shampoo a little acidic, and the acid condition makes hair cuticles lay flat, leaving hair shinier and smoother.

Take a small lemon and mix with a gallon of water in a large mixing bowl. Take another small bowl or cup and pour the weak lemon wash through hair, letting them mixture run back into the bowl. Keep rinsing until hair has been thoroughly coated with the lemon water. Rinse again thoroughly. There might be pulp in there still.

Step Three: Finishing Touches

Finally, after rinsing out the lemon wash, I conditioned my hair as usual, concentrating on the damaged ends rather than the grease-and-dirt-attracting roots. Rinse with cool water for added shine.

The final result? Amazing! But, of course, your results may vary. So please leave your comments. What at-home treatments have you tried?


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