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White Gold: Detroit’s Electric Six Sexes Up the Magic of Dairy

The Best I Can Give is 2%

There’s just something about the band Electric Six, the band from Detroit that has, on numerous occasions, rocked my face right off. I discovered them whilst downloading large amounts of pirated copyrighted material from the Internet using my college’s fat pipes. Among the many discoveries I made that year–Elton John is kind of overrated!–was Electric Six. Since then, my husband, friends and I have followed this band around like lost puppies for years now. We catch nearly every show they have in Missouri, along with many other Midwestern shows. Dick Valentine and the boys had us at “Danger! High Voltage.”

Now, apart from recent albums like I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being the Master–yeah, dig the title–, they’ve also written and probably performed some of the music for a hip, new viral web campaign.

And who knew the ads would be for milk? Perhaps the milk people didn’t know that Electric Six once released a song encouraging nuclear war on the dance floor or proclaiming that they “buy the drugs.” But I digress.

The new concept is White Gold, an off-kilter funk-metal band fronted by some dweeb in a bad wig and two sassy ladies on bass and drums. They’ve released two videos on YouTube and an album on iTunes called All I Can Give is 2%. They were also featured in a short Newsweek blurb about how some middle aged white dudes are trying to make milk hip through viral Internet marketing.

So me, sucker for this band and sometimes-band-guestlist member, decided to check out White Gold. The verdict? I know it’s a corporate jingle, in essence, but it rocks. It’s got that cheeky Electric Six vibe going on. The vocals are clearly being performed by E6 lead singer Dick Valentine. As for the instrumentation, White Gold is missing the vital keyboards and rich instrumentation that comes with having six band members. No word yet on whether the rest of the band is performing on All I Can Give is 2%. I’ll ask them the next time I see them, which could be a while because I hear they’re taking a break from touring to work on their new album.

Go buy some Electric Six. You won’t be sorry. Also, White Gold’s two current music videos can be seen below. Enjoy!